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Born and raised in Chicago IL., Daniel grew up in a musical family and was interested in pursuing music at a young age.  Daniel became so obsessed with drumming that he would play along with albums all day long and air drum in his room all night!

"To this day I still challenge myself musically and really focus on my techniques!

It wasn't unitl my late teenage years that I knew I wanted to turn my drumming into a business.

I remember sitting behind my first drum set thinking this is what I want to do!"


Daniel is world renowned for his relentless dedication to the art of drumming. Following in the steps of his heroes, John Bonham and Keith Moon, Daniel has performed in local Pubs to sold out Arenas. He shared the stage with such greats as Joan Jett, Scott Weiland, Machina, Angels and Airwaves, Hawthorne Heights, Shiny Toy Guns, Soul Asylum, Veruca Salt, Bullet Boys and The Start.

Daniel has also played at House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino, Hard Rock Cafe's, The Joint inside Hard Rock, the Las Vegas Hilton, South by Southwest Music Festivals, New Music Festival, and countless National and International tours.

Being self-taught, Daniel owes his skills to music books and listening. His passion for music has lead him to share the stage with many veteran artists, fulfilling a dream he has had since childhood.

In 2006, Daniel started touring with Platinum concert pianist Silard Somorjay and completed an Asian tour in 2012 and 2013. 

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